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    Turquoise Gem

    Take a moment to look back over the ballpark. Do you see those sparse, rugged hills three miles north, dotted with junipers? That big hill is called Grand Central, with Chalchihuital to the right. Cerrillos means “little hills” in Spanish, and those little hills are the home of world-renowned Cerrillos turquoise, the oldest mines in North America, which has been continuously mined for perhaps four thousand years.

    At the Turquoise Gem workshop, you can learn firsthand about traditional techniques and see works in progress. You can also sign up for the Mining Tour and visit an actual Cerrillos turquoise mine, the ultimate experience for the lover of this extraordinary gemstone.

    As we turn south, back to the center of town, let’s take a moment to imagine what it was like when the boomtown Christmas lights faded from this valley during the war, and the world moved on from dirty, deadly coal power.

    >end Xmas → ghost town

    That was Waz, John, Tim, Mark and Rebecca. Getting thirsty?

    Our next location is the big two story white building with green trim, and the welcoming shade of its porch.

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Oral History Tour of Madrid, NM: The Town Too High To Die