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    The Old Santa Monica Breakwater

    That's right, just keep going straight.

    As you walk, look out at the water to your left. You might notice some rocks about a mile out from the shore, near the pier. Those rocks were once a breakwater.

    Back in 1930, the Santa Monica City Council voted to build a breakwater and small boat harbour north of the pier. Originally, the breakwater was going to be concrete, but the currents were too rough. So in 1933, workers piled stones, thousands and thousands of tons of stone from Catalina Island, to form the breakwater. It was completed in 1934. But! By the 1940s, the moorings were no longer optimal for small boats. Storms had damaged the breakwater, and the currents made it difficult to maintain. The currents are still really strong out there to this day.

    Continue walking with the water on your left.

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