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  • LOCATION 17 | A Walk in Santa Monica

    Go around the parking lot

    Now turn left and walk along the concrete pedestrian path, with the huuuuge parking lot on your right. Since you are on a bike path, mind the bike riders and folks who have spent too much time in the sun.

    When I first moved to LA over a decade ago, I had visions of cruising around in a car, parking by the beach, the freedom of open roads and sunny California days all year round. What I discovered was cars, lots and lots of cars, and a foggy marine layer during certain times of the year.

    Oh well, folks gotta get to the beach. It makes for some interesting people watching. If you’re walking the pier and the beach around three in the afternoon, that’s usually when the little children start to have their meltdown.

    Keep walking, following the path as it curves around the parking lot to the right. We're heading to a pedestrian bridge that will take us over the PCH or Pacific Coast Highway. I'll leave you in silence for a few minutes to enjoy the sand, sea, surf, and screaming children.

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