Tour Locations | A Walk in Santa Monica

  • LOCATION 2 | A Walk in Santa Monica

    Cross the onramp

    Stop here and wait for the light. This is the on ramp for the Pacific Coast Highway which you will walk over a little bit later. If you look to your right, you will see the beautiful blue Pacific Ocean. Maybe there are white caps out on the water. Maybe there are some boats on the water.

    When the light changes, cross the on ramp and keep walking straight on.

    You definitely are among a lot of cars. Yes, there are a lot of cars out here. Los Angeles is a car. We travel everywhere in cars. There was a new wave song in the eighties by Missing Persons called Nobody Walks In LA, and Angelenos, who love to study themselves, are constantly asking, is it true that nobody walks in LA?

    And you might say, wait a second, Jen, I'm walking in LA. Uhm, actually, you're not walking in LA. You're walking in Santa Monica which is a city independent of LA – even though LA is all around it. Santa Monica has its own police, schools, trash collection, fire department, but they don't stop the traffic at their borders. That's not how Santa Monica rolls.

    Carry on walking down the road.

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