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  • LOCATION 10 | A Walk in Santa Monica

    Aquarium & Big Dean's

    Now stop here, and have a look at the shops on your right.

    Clustered together next to the ramp onto the pier, you’ll see one of my favourite burger places, Big Dean’s. They do good burger and beer there. It's right next to the bike rental place, with the square roof.

    Also, if you look down the path to the left, you’ll see the Aquarium underneath the pier. You can probably see its small arched windows. The aquarium is operated by Heal the Bay, a non-profit devoted to protecting marine life. It's open Tuesday through Friday from two to five and on weekends from twelve thirty to five. The entrance is further down the path, and admission is around five dollars.

    But let’s go up onto the pier. Turn left and go up the wide flight of steps and onto the pier. I'll meet you there.

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