• LOCATION 21 | Theatreland Tour with Ian McKellen

    Fortune Theatre

    Fortune Theatre on London audio tour Theatreland Tour with Ian McKellen

    The blue and white building on your right is the little Fortune Theatre. You're about to go past the stage door. Stop. See if you can glimpse through it. [Pause]

    To the right, you see, there is an alcove where the stage door keeper sits to let the actors out every evening. Can you see? If you look just above the stage door, you can see the little art deco windows of the actual dressing rooms. [chuckles] And when I was working in the Fortune Theatre, I used to look out of my window to the right, to the street ahead. and that great big building blocking the end of the street you’re walking down is another theatre, one of the biggest in London, the Drury Lane Theatre. And out of their windows, the dancers of the show that was on at the time used to wave back at me. The fun of working in the West End.

    Alright, cross the road up ahead now. When you’re safely over, you’ll be under the colonnade of the Theatre Royal Drury Lane.

Theatreland Tour with Ian McKellen