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    Bridge of Aspiration

    Bridge of Aspiration on London audio tour Theatreland Tour with Ian McKellen

    You’re going to take the next turning on the left. So, turn left past the pub on the corner. You’re now entering Floral Street.

    You should be on the left hand side of the road.

    Walk straight beneath the bridge up ahead. See it? The one that spirals over the road like a strand of DNA.

    That bridge links the Royal Ballet School on your left to the Royal Opera House on your right. Students from the Ballet School cross the bridge to get to their performances at the Opera House, which doesn’t only present opera – dance too. That’s why it’s called “The Bridge of Aspiration”. They all dream of one day returning to the Opera House as professional dancers.

    Maybe there’s an opera performance this evening in the opera house. If so, you may be able to hear some of the singers practicing their scales through the open windows of their dressing rooms.

    Keep walking. I'll meet you up ahead at the next junction.

Theatreland Tour with Ian McKellen