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    Hillingdon Trail Post #2

    Hillingdon Trail Post #2 on London audio tour The Battle of Britain House: A Walk Through Ruislip Woods

    You are now at another Hillingdon Trail post marked HT. Follow the trail route until you meet a gate, and stop there for a moment.

    The HAMMER Mission was a tremendous success. In the evening of March 4th 1945, Lindner and Ruh paradropped in a field about 30 min outside Berlin, while the city was under heavy air bombardment. After burying their weapons and radio equipment in a nearby field, they boarded a blacked-out train into Berlin.

    They had a difficult time getting their bearings. They'd been away for 10 years, and the war had drastically changed the city they once knew very well. Their own families had a hard time recognising the strangers turning up at their doorstep in the middle of an air raid. But after a series of emotional reunions, Lindner and Ruh set about to carry out their mission.

    Retrieving their radio equipment and weapons, they utilised their training at the Ruislip mansion and began transmitting invaluable information about troop movements, the lay of the transportation network, the city's power plant, and the state of the air defences back to the Allies. There wasn't much left of the Luftwaffe in March 1945, so a lone night bomber circling in range of their advanced radio equipment was all it took to collect their coded messages, and take these back to London for decryption.

    On the 22nd of April 1945, the Red Army had entered southeast Berlin, meeting with stiff resistance at a bridge over the Teltow Canal. Lindner and Ruh, under orders to end their mission and give themselves up to the Soviets, promptly joined the street fight. They soon found themselves being shot at by both the defenders and the attackers, but the Soviets stopped once they realised they were partisans and allowed Lindner and Ruh to join them. The agents used their special agent training one last time to help disarm the explosive charges under the bridge, preventing the retreating defenders from blowing it up.

    Let's continue. You can now go past the gate and enter the field beyond.

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The Battle of Britain House: A Walk Through Ruislip Woods