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    The Seven Stars Pub

    The Seven Stars Pub on London audio tour Historical Pubs of London: A Tipply Trundle Through Liquid History

    You should be able to see a fine selection of four red phoneboxes across the road to your left.

    The Seven Stars just ahead of us is a classy little pub frequented by the lawyers and their clients to celebrate or commiserate the court verdicts of the day. Named in honour of the Dutch sailors who frequented the area, and dating back to 1602 it is amongst the oldest pubs in London, but it somehow feels more like a bohemian brasserie in the heart of Soho. 

    The name above the door is the gregarious Roxy Beaujolais. Former front of house at Ronnie Scott's jazz club, you'll often find her cookbook "Home From The Inn Contented" behind the bar. You should also find a nice pint of Adnams on tap, and a fine selection of wines by the glass, but for those in search of something a little stronger, Roxy suggests she serves the finest dry martini in the whole of London. 3 shots of gin or vodka, a whiff of vermouth, all served straight from the fridge negating the dilution of the alcoholic fury, and all accompanied by a twist of lemon, pearl onion or olive.

    "Et Voila!"... a rocket fuel par extraordinaire! But drinker beware! For Roxy considers her martinis a little like women's breasts. One too few, three too many. You have been warned! 

    And don't be tempted to eat the snacks on the bar either as they're likely to be cat food. The house cat often named after a famous jazz artist or politician is to be found wearing an Elizabethan ruff. Ask why and you're simply told:

    "Because we're in showbusiness darling!"

    So it’s time to enjoy your drink in this former wig shop. You can leave the tour running whilst you do. Or if you plan on having a few, you can close it off. When you're done, come back to this spot and start it again by choosing resume.

    When you're ready we'll carry on down Carey Street to the corner, where you'll take the first right under the statue of Sir Thomas More.

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Historical Pubs of London: A Tipply Trundle Through Liquid History