Explore the City's Ancient Alleyways in the Footsteps of Charles Dickens

    29 Apr 2016
    Clock 30min      Length1mi
    17 ratings

    Down Aldermanbury

    Pay wave

    Continue walking down the left pavement of this tree-lined street.

    To your left is the Guildhall Library.It was rebuilt after Second World War bombing. It houses a comprehensive collection of books about London, including all of Dickens's works and many books about him. Some notable biographies included in there are by Peter Ackroyd and Claire Tomlin. Dickens's friend, John Forster, wrote the first biography in 1872, shortly after Dickens's death in 1870. This is still worth reading especially as Forster knew Dickens well. One major omission is about Dickens's rather shameful treatment of his wife, Catherine. After she had born him 10 children, they separated when she discovered his affair with the actress, Ellen Ternan. Catherine was allowed to keep only one of her children and told to keep quiet about the reasons for the separation.

    I'll meet you just up ahead.

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