• LOCATION 5 | Charles Dickens from Furnival's Inn to Doughty Street

    Turn Right to Bleeding Heart Yard

    Now turn right here. We're on our way to Bleeding Heart Yard. I'll tell you about it as we walk.

    In Dickens's novel Little Dorrit, Bleeding Heart Yard is where the impoverished Plornish family live. It is also where the inventor Daniel Doyce has his factory, which Dickens describes as “often heavily beating like a bleeding heart of iron, with the clink of metal upon metal”. It is most likely that the name Bleeding Heart Yard derives from the nearby Bleeding Heart pub. There are, however, other legends, including a ghost story about the death of Lady Elizabeth Hatton, who was allegedly found brutally murdered here in the 17th century. There is little basis to the story, but Dickens liked to refer to the yard’s possibly bloodthirsty history.

    Keep walking straight. I'll catch up with you a little further ahead.

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Charles Dickens from Furnival's Inn to Doughty Street