• LOCATION 21 | Charles Dickens from Furnival's Inn to Doughty Street

    Left on John Street

    Turn left here into John Street and walk straight, keeping to the pavement on the right-hand side.

    John Street will eventually turn into Doughty Street, the road on which the Dickens family lived in the late 1830s. When they lived here, this was a very respectable middle-class area. Then, it would not have been possible to walk along the road unchallenged: there was a sentry box at either end of the street and anyone wanting to enter the road needed either to be recognised as a resident, or to have a good reason for visiting. This helped to keep away thieves and beggars.

    Although Charles Dickens lived here for only two and a half years, it was a time that changed his life forever. When he arrived, he was a young journalist who was starting to make a name for himself as an author. By the time his family moved on from Doughty Street, Charles Dickens had become a household name in Britain and was well on his way to becoming an international celebrity.

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Charles Dickens from Furnival's Inn to Doughty Street