• LOCATION 24 | Charles Dickens from Furnival's Inn to Doughty Street

    Charles Dickens Museum

    Now you're outside number 49 Doughty Street on your right, which is the entrance to the Charles Dickens Museum, and the end of our tour. The museum is made up of two houses – if you go into the museum, once you have bought your ticket you will be directed through to number 48 Doughty Street. That is the house in which the Dickens family lived. The museum has a lovely shop, cafe and little garden, which you can visit even if you don't have time to go around the museum today. The cafe has delicious cakes!

    48 Doughty Street is the only home in London, in which Charles Dickens lived, that has survived both of the world wars as well as London's property developers. I am a Patron of the museum, as well as being a great great great granddaughter of Charles and Catherine. The museum has a very special place in my heart. If you are lucky enough to have done this walk on a day when the museum is open, I would recommend you go inside and take a look around. It has a wonderful atmosphere and still feels like a much-loved family home. Amongst the museum's many treasures is the desk at which Dickens wrote so many of his novels. I hope you enjoyed this tour as much as I enjoyed writing it for you. I'll say goodbye now, but do look out for my books.


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Charles Dickens from Furnival's Inn to Doughty Street