At Your Convenience: History, Health and Hygiene

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    25 Nov 2014
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    Welcome to the Loo Tour

    Welcome to the Loo Tour
    At Your Convenience: History, Health and Hygiene

    Loo Tours Presents: History Health and Hygiene.
    Performed by the Loo Lady
    Sponsored by Thomas Crapper & Company

    I get super excited about toilets!

    Chances are you don’t think about them very much. The average human spends 11minutes a day… 1.5 years in a lifetime using the toilet. It’s a private space, a thinking room a seat for great philosophizing… or a place to compose that perfect text or just finish your Sudoku.

    But have you ever stopped to appreciate the form that you are sitting on or wondered how it got to be that way?

    The toilet is a portal that connects you to your city… intimately. A magic looking glass that reflects volumes about the society in which you live.

    Let’s go on a journey together and look deeper.

    In order for us to keep up with each other you’re going to need to follow some simple rules:

    Once you start walking keep going straight on until I tell you otherwise.

    The next track should play automatically, but if it doesn’t you can manually move back and forth.

    Let’s give this a test run.

    Turn so you’re facing across Gower street towards the hospital.

    Now turn to your left.

    Start walking.

    If you do this right you’ll hear my voice again on the other side of the street.

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