• LOCATION 16 | At Your Convenience: A Lavatorial Walking Tour

    Pigeon Toilet

    This is the pigeon toilet part of the experience.

    You’re usually safe, so don’t worry about it too much. Besides, bird poo is meant to be good luck!

    I always wondered where this idea came from. I found a few possibilities.

    1) It’s a thinking man’s joke “It’s good luck because horses can’t fly!” (In other words: thank god it’s just pigeon poo!)

    2) It’s good luck because the chances are slim… by being hit you are marked as someone who fate singles out and should start investing in lottery tickets.

    3) It’s such a disgusting thing to have happen to you that there must be some bright side to it!

    Anyway, enough about bird poop for now though! We are nearly to the next stop… when you see a sign that says “toilets” you’ll know you’ve found it.

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At Your Convenience: A Lavatorial Walking Tour