• LOCATION 15 | At Your Convenience: A Lavatorial Walking Tour

    Joseph Bazalgette

    At the bottom of the bridge down here you’re going to make a sort of a Ubend to your right and walk back parallel to the bridge.

    If you look across the street at that concrete plinth you’ll see the head and shoulders of a man. He’s there just to your right. That’s Joseph Bazalgette.

    The Latin inscription reads Flumini vincula posvit: “He Put the River in Chains” This is the only memorial to Bazalgette in Cental London. Other than, of course, the one hard at work under our feet. A humble tribute to a great man.

    Stop and look at the statue for a moment. Bazalgette’s lineage lives on in his great great grandson Sir Peter Bazalgette, who is not only chair of Arts Council England, but also the Television producer behind Big Brother. They say of the Bazalgette family heritage: “Joseph Bazalgette pumped shit out of London and Peter Bazalgette pumps it back in again.”

    Start walking again and head towards the left of the bridge support. Mind the wobbly cobble stone there! That one gets me every time!

    You’re going to turn left under the bridge and keep walking straight on.

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At Your Convenience: A Lavatorial Walking Tour