• LOCATION 2 | At Your Convenience: A Lavatorial Walking Tour

    Jonathan Routh and the Royal Festival Hall

    Are the steps of the bridge to your right? Well done! You’ve passed the first test

    Turn left and start walking along the side of the Royal Festival Hall.

    The building is not only a world-class venue for the arts, but has six floors of toilets to choose from!

    In the Good Loo Guide of 1988 Jonathan Routh wrote:

    "The Loos of the Royal Festival Hall: All these loos were opened by HM King George VI accompanied by her majesty Queen Elizabeth on 3rd May 1951. They have worn well. Working upwards from the Ground or Box Office level we have a gents with a machine dispensing 50p books of stamps at its entrance. And inside, accommodation for 5 toileteers seated, 8 standing and 8 ablunting in the midst of much black marble."

    Routh will be a friend for much of our journey. Though many of the loos he described in his books have changed or closed the book still makes for an excellent read.

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At Your Convenience: A Lavatorial Walking Tour