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    Brydges Place

    Stop when you get to the gap in the wall, barely big enough to squeeze into.

    This is Brydges Place is the Second Narrowest Alley in London, at least according to the internet. It’s also described as “A prime spot for late night piddlers.”

    Start walking down the ally. Can you tell what it’s normally used for? Some days it is more multisensory than others… for which I am very sorry!

    One the wall to your right there may be some interesting graffiti. There used to be a bit that said “Sorry for Pissing Here so much: Blame Maggie.” I was very sad the day they painted that over.

    While this reflection on Maggie Thatcher’s reign was probably an impulsive nod to the low status of bodily functions rather than a cleverly thought out statement on Thatcher’s legacy in the field of toilets, it might be considered the privatization of the water companies in 1989 lead to an increase in prices… including the cost of flushing a toilet.

    If 8 million people in London flush the toilet 4 times a day, that’s 12 million toilet flushes… over 19 million gallons of water assuming they are all the regulation 1.6 gallon flush. The UK flushes approximately one third of its clean drinking water down the loo.

    Various celebrities have spoken up about this from the American president Teddy Roosevelt who said

    “Civilized people should be able to dispose of their sewage in a better way than putting it in the drinking water”

    to Prince Philip who said in 1965:

    “This is the biggest waste of water in the country by far. You spend a pint and flush two gallons.”

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At Your Convenience: A Lavatorial Walking Tour