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    The Fountain of the Horses

    Stop here while I tell you about this fountain.

    It was formerly known as the Fountain of the Horses, thanks to its bronze spouts in the shape of a horse's head. The date of its construction is unknown. It's most likely from the 1200s, but it's said to have Roman origin. It’s probably the most ancient fountain in Lisbon.

    There were at least three places of cold and hot water in this square. The most famous, probably are “the Baths of the Doctor”, nowadays number 19 and number 20, and the ancient baths at number 8, which were managed by monks. The last baths were closed in 1978. They're on the current numbers 52 to 60 of Terreiro do Trigo Street. They were called the Alcaçarias or Baths of the Duke of Cadaval, and closed due to the water being contaminated.

    When you're ready to move on, facing the fountain, turn left up the small alley way that leads in between the small restaurants normally with the tables outside. Make your way along it.

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