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    Rua dos Remédios 3

    If you'd like to stop for bite or some shopping, this is a good street to pause the tour and do so. Otherwise keep going straight.

    So, where were we? Oh, yes, I was telling you about Fado.

    Fado songs are usually performed by a solo singer, male or female, traditionally accompanied by an acoustic guitar and the “Portuguese 'guitar''. It's a pear-shaped instrument with twelve strings. It's unique to Portugal and has an extensive solo repertoire.

    Above all, Fado reflects a state of mind, the music of a sadness that Lisbon has made its own.

    Before being sung, you'll hear: "Silence, Fado will now be sung!"

    "Fado was born one day / When hardly a breeze was whispering / And the sea merged into the sky /In the tacking of a sailing ship / In the chest of a sailor /Who was singing in its melancholy"

    So goes the poem written by José Régio and sung by Amália Rodrigues.

    Continue walking.

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