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  • LOCATION 55 | The Soul of Alfama

    Moorish Wall & Manueline Windows

    Walk to the alley and sit down at the steps while I tell you about the Wall, the Jewish Quarter and its history.


    Look up to the Manueline windows, on top of the wall.

    On this square we find a great extension of the Old Wall, surmounted by the Palace of the Lady of Murça with its windows of Manueline style. This is a style named after King Manuel, who reigned in the 1500s.

    The Old Wall was built in the 5th century by the Romans and successively added to by the Arabs and Visigoths. The medieval wall was built in the 1300s, by King Fernando and used the former structures.

    This street and square, as well as St. Rafael and Barrelas Alley, are what remains of the Old Jewish Quarter from the 1400s. Alfama was not seriously damaged by Lisbon’s big earthquake of 1755, so it keeps the traces of the only Jewish district of the four that previously existed in the city.

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