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    Fado Museum

    We've reached the end of our tour, by the Fado Museum, on your right.

    As I mentioned before, fado means destiny or fate in Portuguese. We were destined to get here.

    Have a look at the façade of the Museum while I conclude the tour.

    What better place to finish our epic tour of today than the venue that pays homage to the Portuguese "Soul" music? A genre so pungent and touching that it will not easily leave anyone indifferent.

    It's even said that Fado makes the cobblestone streets cry. In other words, it melts the coldest of hearts.

    Today, we’ve travelled through 900 years of Portugal’s history and even further back, before the formal constitution of the country in 1139, to the time of the Romans and Moors.

    All gathered in a neighbourhood that has been the house of Romans, Moors, Jewish and Christian communities. 
A quarter originally designed as a maze, yet so open to many influences, beliefs, and cultures.

    This is where I will be leaving you. I hope you've enjoyed this Soul of Alfama tour and that it will inspire you to discover more about this magnificent city.

    The Phoenicians named it Allis Ubbo, the Romans called it Felicitas Julia Olissipo, The Moors Alus-buna. You can call it simply: Lisbon!

    From my part, it was a pleasure to take you on this tour.

    Thank you. Obrigada. 


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