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    Vieira Portuense

    Take a left here at the kiosk and continue along this street.

    Go straight ahead until the end of this pedestrian street called Vieira Portuense. Its named after a neoclassical painter.

    On your left, you’ll find several restaurants and esplanades just by the Belém Garden.

    On your right, you can see several typical houses of Belém district. Aren’t they just perfect to take a picture?

    This journey today will take you through the hallmarks of the Age of Discovery era, so rich and full of adventures. You'll also hear about later periods like the 1940’s. Back then, an autocratic regime ruled Portugal for 48 years. The regime redesigned the district of Belém to represent a romanticized idealization of the Portuguese exploration, that was typical of the Estado Novo regime.

    You’ll see not only UNESCO world heritage sites from the 1500s, like the Jerónimos Monastery and Belém Tower, but Estado Novo hallmarks as well. These include the Empire Square, known as Praça do Império, and the Monument to the Discoveries, Padrão dos Descobrimentos, situated on the waterfront.

    Keep going straight.

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