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    The Small Lighthouse

Continue walking straight.

    The building on your right is from the 1940’s. It belonged to the Great Portuguese World Exhibition, that I mentioned earlier. Nowadays, it houses the Museum of Popular Art.

    I suggest you take a picture of the two picturesque oxen sculptures by the frontal façade. The building also has really interesting modernist features.

    Have a look around as you walk.

    This walk along the waterfront is an excellent opportunity to take beautiful pictures of the Tejo River, the 25th of April bridge and the Christ the King monument.

    The 25th of April Bridge is named after the Portuguese Revolution of 1974. It connects Lisbon to its South Bank. The bridge was previously named after António Salazar, the leader of the autocratic regime that governed Portugal for 48 years.

    The Christ the King monument was inspired by the Christ the Redeemer statue of Rio de Janeiro, in Brazil. It was built to express gratitude because the Portuguese were spared the effects of World War II.

    Which scenery is shouting to be photographed? Maybe one of the remarkable set of the Monument to the Discoveries, the bridge and the statue of Christ?

    Maybe one of the Tejo’s estuary with the small red brick lighthouse?

    The light here is amazing and it invites you to take great pictures, doesn't it?

    Keep going, staying by the waterfront.

    You’ll walk past a few kiosks, a few cafés and a hotel.

    It’s a very pleasant walk on the way to our next destination and last discovery of this tour.

    Perhaps you’d like to stop for a coffee or a drink. Feel free to pause the tour if you do.

    When you resume, just continue walking in the direction you've been going.

    You'll hear from me again when you get to the marina.

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