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    The Defense Tower

    The Defense Tower  on Lisbon audio tour Lisbon: The Age of Discovery

We've reached the final part of the tour. Feel free to walk along the little bay of steps around the Tower to find a spot to sit while I conclude the tour.

    The Belém tower lost its defense function over time.

    On the four floors of the tower, you’ll find the Governor's Room, the Kings Room and the Audience Hall.

    You'll also find the Chapel, that still contains vaults from the 1500s.

    Visiting its terrace is a must. From there you can enjoy magnificent views over the river.

    Part of its beauty lies in the exterior decoration. Its adorned with ropes and stone carvings, open galleries, Moorish-style watchtowers and shield-shaped battlements decorated with armillary spheres.

    You'll also see the cross of the Order of Christ and naturalistic elements such as a rhinoceros, alluding to the navigations.

    The Tower stands out for implicit nationalism, since it is surrounded by decorations of the Portuguese coat of arms.
    Such characteristics refer mainly to the typical architecture of a time when the country was a global power.

    Did I convince you to pay a visit? Well, I wouldn’t miss it.


    Today, we’ve travelled through 600 years of Portugal’s history. The history of a country, a small country, isolated on the far west of Europe. A country that became the first global super power. And it all started here!

This is where I'll be leaving you.

    I hope you've enjoyed this Age of Discovery tour and that it will inspire you to discover new worlds.

    From my part, it was a pleasure to take you on this tour.

    Thank you. Obrigada.

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