Tour Locations | Lisbon and the Tagus River

  • LOCATION 11 | Lisbon and the Tagus River

    Turn right on Rua Augusta

    Turn right here on Rua Augusta. In the early 16th century this was the poshest street in Europe.

    In the distance you can see the Tagus river, a beautiful aspect of the landscape which survived the 1755 disaster. Here is what Alfredo Mesquita wrote in 1903 about Lisbon after the earthquake:

    “There was still the Tagus river, blue and bewitching, cloaked in velvet by the crystal clear sky which is studded with stars by night and gilded with sunlight by day. And the noble, melancholic majesty with which the city reclines, its feet bathing in the waters, elegant and regal, on the throne of its seven hills.”

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