Tour Locations | Lisbon and the Tagus River

  • LOCATION 12 | Lisbon and the Tagus River

    The Arch

    Stop here for a moment.

    Ahead of you is the back of the Rua Augusta arch. More than a century in the making, from 1759 to 1875, this arch was a symbol of the reconstruction of the city.

    On your left, just before the arch, you can buy tickets to visit the top of the monument. There, you’ll enjoy breathtaking views of the Tagus river, St. Jorge’s castle and the “baixa,” the name the Portuguese use to refer to downtown Lisbon.

    When you come back down, or if you want to move of now, stand under the arch for a moment and look up to admire the elaborate decorations. I'll meet you at the road ahead on the other side of the arch when you're ready.

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