Tour Locations | Lisbon and the Tagus River

  • LOCATION 16 | Lisbon and the Tagus River

    Statue of Dom José

    Stop here for a moment and look back across the square to admire the front of the Rua August arch.


    The three statues on top of the arch symbolize glory, valor, and genius. The two statues on the sides personify the Douro and Tagus rivers. The remaining four statues represent important historical figures: Viriato, a military leader who resisted the Roman invasion; Nuno Alvares Pereira, the hero of a key medieval battle against Castile; Vasco da Gama, the famous navigator; and the Marquis of Pombal, the man who oversaw the reconstruction of Lisbon after the earthquake.

    Now let's turn way from the arch. Head across the square, towards the two small columns on the river.

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