Tour Locations | Lisbon and the Tagus River

  • LOCATION 2 | Lisbon and the Tagus River

    First glimpse of the Tagus river

    Now turn right, onto Rua Serpa Pinto. Here, we get our first glimpse of the Tagus river, straight ahead.

    If you’re into shopping, make a note of Loja do Burel on the right side of the street. It has beautiful blankets made in the north of Portugal in the Estrela mountain. If you like sweets, there's a wonderful pastry store called Tartine right next door.

    As you walk, make sure you look up to see the contrast between the orange rooftops and the blue sky during this tour. Also remember to look down to see the traditional cobblestone pavements built with cubes of limestone and basalt. We will pass by many old doors, balconies, windows, and gates that are begging to be photographed.

    One more thing. I will use the word “rua” many times, so it is useful to know that this word means street in Portuguese.

    Keep walking straight.

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