Tour Locations | Black Mary by James Harker

  • LOCATION 1 | Black Mary by James Harker

    Start Point

    Welcome to Port Stories – four unique, locational audio stories by award-winning writers, inspired by Lancaster’s Georgian history.

    I'll give you directions after each scene, so you can put your phone away now and relax – take in the world around you.

    Each scene will be triggered automatically when you’re in the right spot by your GPS location. Just stop when you hear the story unfold.

    Wait here for now, in the courtyard outside the Castle gates.

    Here begins Black Mary, by James Harker…


    Now, with your back to the castle, head down the hill by the path leading off to the left and stop by the white, stone witches poetry post opposite number 17 with the red front door.

Black Mary by James Harker