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    Torii Gate: Interesting Facts

    Torii Gate: Interesting Facts on Kyoto audio tour Fushimi Inari Shrine: An In-Depth Guide

    Have you been counting gates?
    Joking. There are too many.

    Please stop for a moment, and let me share some more details.

    If you want to build a gate, you can do that. But for prime locations, you usually have to be on the waiting list for several years.
    The amount of donation is based on the size and location, the minimum is about 2000USD, and it can be more than 10000USD.
    It's made of wood such as cypress and cedar, and mercury. But please don't worry this mercury is harmless.
    The lifetime is about 10 years, then one might be repaired or replaced.
    Donations are said to have started around 400 years ago.

    Also you might be wondering about the color.
    This is considered to be red. What does red mean in your culture?
    In Japan and China, red is the color of blood, therefore represents life. Life scares away evils, and it's auspicious.
    It's an important color.

    Continue through the gates, then when you are out, head to the map on the left side of another shrine, just ahead.

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