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    Torii Gate and People

    Torii Gate and People on Kyoto audio tour Fushimi Inari Shrine: An In-Depth Guide

    Are you enjoying your walk?

    Now please make a brief stop and look back.

    Earlier I mentioned each gate being the entrance to God's property. However, there's another significance unique to this shrine.

    Each gate is built by donation.
    On the left pillar, you see the names and addresses of the donors.
    On the right one, the dates donated.
    They are donated when donors' wishes are fulfilled.
    That means there are at least 10000 wishes that came true.
    And each one of them is somebody's wish, and you are walking through everybody's life.
    This is a powerful place, filled with people's energy and will.

    When you're ready, turn around and continue walking through them. I'm sure you'd feel a bit different now.

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Fushimi Inari Shrine: An In-Depth Guide