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    Life back in the day

    Life back in the day on Kyoto audio tour Fushimi Inari Shrine: An In-Depth Guide

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    Now let's really imagine how the life was like 1300 years ago.
    Beautiful Kimono with nice gardens? Well, that's only for noble class, only 1% of population. An ordinary man like me? I would've been suffering from poverty, eating a bit of miscellaneous grain, and living in a small house made of straw, or even a cave. The climate is another key.

    Actually if you are here in summer, you'd feel this.
    Suffering from 40C / 105F heat with 80% humidity, and back in the day, having no air conditioners or fridges, Of course, it caused a lot of food poisoning and epidemics.

    In addition, Japan experiences 30 typhoons and almost everyday of earthquakes a year, and has about 10% of worldwide number of active volcanoes.

    People had no clue why these devastating things were happening, It was natural for them to have fear and respect to nature or other unknown incidents.

    Life was hard, and they needed a little hope, which was to go to heaven in the next life. They worship gods to achieve that. There are different ways of worship, an easy way to understand is that harder the work you do, the more worshiping you are doing. So 1. You can pay a visit to a temple or shrine, 2. You can carve a statue of God, 3. Ultimately you can build a temple or shrine.

    Considering this background, the villagers reaction to the warrior in the story is totally understandable.

    Please keep going until you see a lot of stone shrines on your right.

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Fushimi Inari Shrine: An In-Depth Guide