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    Fox and Rice

    Fox and Rice on Kyoto audio tour Fushimi Inari Shrine: An In-Depth Guide

    Please make a brief stop at the top of the stairs.

    Do you notice two statues of foxes on the side?

    What are they holding in their mouths?


    Facing the gate, the right one is holding a ball, representing a spirit of god, giving you blessings.

    The left one is holding a key, representing a key to a warehouse of rice, therefore a good harvest.

    Let's talk a little more about rice here.

    Rice has been a vital resource in Japan, and its farming involves complex and large amounts of work all year round compared to wheat farmers who mainly work before and after winter only. A lot of rice farmers living here used to start their days before the sun rise, and end after the sun sets. The more time you dedicate, the more harvest you get. Discipline is the key to success. Some say rice farming is the root of today’s work ethic of Japanese, which is another big topic I’ll share in another tour.

    Now, please cross the gate, pass around the ritual dance stage and head towards the stairs that lead to the main hall.

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Fushimi Inari Shrine: An In-Depth Guide