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    Experience Hand Water

    Experience Hand Water on Kyoto audio tour Fushimi Inari Shrine: An In-Depth Guide

    Just ahead on the left is a small area with water next to the big elaborate gate.

    This area is for a ritual called Hand Water. Please go over there to cleanse yourself from invisible sins.

    I'll give you a moment to go over before explaining how to do this.


    Now the entire process needs to be done by one scoop of water.

    Please get the ladle full of water.

    First please clean your left hand,
    now switch your hand and clean your right hand,
    switch again and drip the water onto your cupped left palm,
    use this water to rinse your mouth, please don't drink.

    Clean your left hand again, finally hold the ladle vertical so the leftover water can clean the handle for the next person.

    Thank you for trying. Now you are pure as a baby.

    This is actually a relaxed version. Back in the day, people sometimes soaked themselves in a river before going to a shrine. Would you like to do that? Probably not, especially if it's winter now. But where you are going now is that special.

    Now facing the Hand Water area, on your right side up the stairs is the huge gate. Let's go through this one.

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