• LOCATION 85 | The Modoc War: A Homeland Lost

    Stone Monument With Warm Springs Indian Graves

    You should be in front of a dual stone monument referencing Captain Jack's Stronghold and Canby's Cross. We'll be going to those actual places in a moment, but for now, look behind you at the white cross which marks the graves of two Warm Springs Indian Scouts. Although these scouts died in a later battle of the War at Dry Creek, what I wanted to point out is that the army often used Native American scouts in their affairs and battles with Indians, usually relying on a neighboring tribe.

    Well, during the battle on January 17th, 1873, Wheaton had hired twenty Klamath scouts to help his forces round up the Modoc. While the Klamath and Modoc didn't historically get along, it's absolutely true they felt more connected to each other than the white man. And, as all hell was breaking loose for Wheaton, his scouts weren't cooperating either. There were reports the Klamaths fired their guns up in the air instead of at the Modocs, and told the Modocs what the Army was up to. It was even rumored they'd slipped Modocs some ammunition.

    After the first battle on the stronghold, the Army never hired Klamath Scouts against the Modoc again. They hired Warm Springs Indians to work alongside them. And this memorial commemorates two of those scouts who also died alongside them.

    If you'd like to to step out and see the memorials, please just make sure it's safe and hit pause when you go. Just press play when you're ready to continue.

    Okay! Here we go! When it's safe, merge back on to the highway and take your next right on county road 120, following signs to the Lava Beds.

The Modoc War: A Homeland Lost