• LOCATION 16 | The Modoc War: A Homeland Lost

    Past Patterson

    Okay, you're now past the light, continuing straight on highway 39. Distance between the buildings should be spreading out, just like the growing divide between white settlers and the Lost River Modoc in the mid-1800's. It was a time when there were no fact checks on truth and anti-Indian sentiment was strong. Myths flourished - especially as to how many people the Modoc had actually killed after Bloody Point. Historic estimates place that number at perhaps a couple dozen. Tales from the day put that number in the hundreds.

    That’s when Ben Wright enters the Modoc story. Ben was the stuff from which legends are made. He was charismatic. He walked with a swagger. And while some considered him a natural leader, others believed he was a barbarous killer. The truth is he hated farming. But he loved to kill beaver and Indians. And in November, 1852, he made his move on the Modoc.

The Modoc War: A Homeland Lost