• LOCATION 75 | The Modoc War: A Homeland Lost

    On CR 101

    Okay, you should be on County Road 101 with the power poles on your left. Continue on this road for a bit.

    Now Colonel Wheaton was a highly respected officer. He planned to use a straightforward strategy known as "gradual compression" against the Modocs in the Stronghold. So the troops would approach from the west and east. The infamous Major John Green of the Lost River Battle would lead the troops from the west, and Captain Reuben Bernard would apply pressure with troops from the east. Once within range, Wheaton’s howitzers could then lob 9-pound shells into the Stronghold, leaving, in theory, the Modocs with nowhere to run. Wheaton wrote: “I don’t understand how they can think of attempting any serious resistance.” The attack was scheduled January 17, 1873.

    For the moment, keep going the direction you've been going. And, in fairness to Wheaton, up to this point the army's superior fire power, cavalry and coordinated tactics had usually been enough to overcome any disadvantages while fighting Indians. But the Army had yet to meet the Modoc head-on. Eventually, military forces would outman the Modocs twenty to one - and they'd still lose nearly every battle.

The Modoc War: A Homeland Lost