• LOCATION 66 | The Modoc War: A Homeland Lost

    Continue On Highway 50

    You should still be on Highway 50. Now look to your right in the far distance. That farmstead used to be the Brotherton Ranch. Along with the Boddys, the Brothertons and another man named Henry Miller were some of the very first settlers in this area you're driving through.

    Henry Miller had been a friend and avid supporter of the Modoc, hiring them on his ranch and assuring the army that the settlers didn't need to fear the Modoc. He even helped do the survey of the six square mile reservation the Modocs had been asking for. Miller reportedly told Jesse Applegate in the spring of 1872: "I have Indians in my house, and at present, while I am here, they have the key of my house and are herding my stock."

    Six months later, as Hooker Jim and his warriors rode along the path we're traveling now, they came upon Henry Miller riding in the field. Because One-Armed Brown had failed to warn settlers they might be attacked, Miller saw no reason to fear the Modocs approaching him. He raised his hand in a friendly greeting and was shot dead off his horse. He went to his grave never knowing what hit him - or why.

The Modoc War: A Homeland Lost