• LOCATION 70 | The Modoc War: A Homeland Lost

    Back On Highway 50 Again

    Okay, you should be back on Highway 50 with the foothills on your left.

 By the time Hooker Jim's path reached the Lava Beds, they’d killed fourteen male settlers in all. They thought they'd be welcomed in victory. But Captain Jack was angry. He reportedly asked why Hooker Jim had killed his friends. But later, when the army demanded Captain Jack turn over Hooker Jim for his crimes - perhaps another moment when the war might have turned out differently - Jack refused supposedly saying:

    [CAPTAIN JACK]: “I have got a bad heart about these murderers.  I have got but a few men and I don't see how I can give them up.  Will they give up their people who murdered my people while they were asleep?...We will all die soon enough."


[CHEEWA] Hooker’s Jim’s killing spree would haunt Captain Jack to his death. And to the white community, it would soon become justification for a war of extermination.

The Modoc War: A Homeland Lost