A Walk through Keene's History

    Samantha sintros
    29 Jun 2018
    Clock 60min      Length2mi
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    Sentinel Building

    Pay wave

    Stop here for a moment next to the large red brick building on the corner.

    This is the old Sentinel Building. The New Hampshire Sentinel was started in 1788 by John Pretiss. It is the oldest continuously operated newspaper and second oldest business in New Hampshire. The Sentinel built this building in 1893 and made the newspaper here until 1930.

    Now look to your left. Can you see a clock, near the street?

    It's called the Howard Post clock. This clock was put here outside the Sentinel building in 1890. It helped the railway travelers before wristwatches became popular. The clock still works to this day.

    When you're ready to move on, continue in the same direction you've been going, crossing Gilbo Ave.

    Make your way over to Corner News. It's the one-story building with the green roof.