A Walk through Keene's History

    Samantha sintros
    29 Jun 2018
    Clock 60min      Length2mi
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    Main Street - Shops and trees

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    As you continue to walk along Main Street, we'll tell you about Downtown Keene.

    Have a look around while you walk. Since the 1950s Keene has claimed to have the widest paved Main Street in the world. Downtown Keene is known for it's delicious restaurants, local stores, and beautiful buildings. In the spring, summer, and fall many people visit downtown Keene to eat outside on the sidewalks in front of restaurants. Many people also visit to shop in the boutiques and unique gift shops.

    Keene used to be known as Elm City. This is because elm trees used to line Main Street. In 1938 a powerful hurricane swept through Keene. This knocked over many of the elm trees. Later in the 20th century, the remaining elm trees died after becoming infected with Dutch Elm Disease. Today, there is an Elm Research Institute in Keene. They want to find a way to make elm trees that won't get sick from the disease. In the meantime, Keene has many trees growing along Main Street.

    Keep walking straight.