A Walk through Keene's History

    Samantha sintros
    29 Jun 2018
    Clock 60min      Length2mi
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    Along West Street

    Pay wave

    Now turn left and continue walking down West Street.

    That smoke stack we pointed out is attached to a building called the Faulkner and Colony Mill. The building was first used as a saw mill to cut logs to be made into houses and a grist mill to grind grain into flour. The mill was powered by the Ashuelot River.

    Faulkner and Colony bought the mill in 1815. They used the mill to make fabric. The hills around Keene were cleared for sheep during this time. The sheep's wool was the raw material for the fabric mill. This mill was very important to Keene's early economy. The railroad also helped with this business. You'll hear more about the railroad later on.

    Keep going down West Street. You'll hear from us again in a few minutes.