A Walk through Keene's History

    Samantha sintros
    29 Jun 2018
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    Along Washington Street

    Along Washington Street
    A Walk through Keene's History

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    This area was formed by the Wisconsin Glacier. It created the hills and valleys here, while it pushed its way over the land. As the earth warmed up, the glacier retreated and left behind a lake. When the lake emptied, it left behind rivers and a rich soil layer. Keene became a valley of sand, gravel, and clay.

    The first Native Americans to live in this area were known as Paleoindians. One group of these Paleoindians were the Abenaki. They inhabited a world covered by grassland where caribou, mastodons, and mammoths roamed. Rivers were highways for the Abenaki who used light canoes made of birch bark.

    The Squakeag were another group of Native Americans to settle in this area. They had many communities near the rivers. The Squakeag ate salmon from the rivers and hunted animals for meat. They also grew corn and pumpkins.

    The Native Americans that lived here have a fascinating history in this area, even though not commonly seen in landmarks.

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