• LOCATION 6 | A Stroll Through Carouge: Geneva's Little Italy


    If the gate is open, you can walk inside and stand by the little bronze statue. Otherwise, just admire it while standing at the gate.

    Have you recognized it? It is the world-famous cartoon character Titeuf. He was invented here in 1992. The designer Zep lived in the little dark house you can see across the street. There is a plaque on the house.

    One day, feeling a little bluesy, he looked out of the window of his studio when the kids came out for recess. That’s when the idea emerged in his brain. And it’s not just another cartoon character. These albums are guides for social and emotional handling and even sexual education for kids of age 8 to 10 years. Child psychologists from the whole world recommend them for kids. Today, there are 19 albums, a cartoon film adapted novels and video games, some translated in 36 different languages.

    Let's keep moving. Continue walking along this street.

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A Stroll Through Carouge: Geneva's Little Italy