• LOCATION 24 | A Stroll Through Carouge: Geneva's Little Italy

    The oldest plane tree

    Stop here near the house not to get knocked over by a tramway! They pass very close.

    Standing at the corner, you can, across the street, see a majestic plane tree. Plane trees come in several varieties. This one is a Common Plane, Spanish hybrid of the Western and Oriental original species. It is sometimes mistaken for a Sycamore tree growing in North America, which is a Maple tree with Plane tree like leaves and is sometimes called a false Plane tree. It is the oldest plane tree in the urban surroundings of our whole region. It was planted here in 1797 and was then already some 10 years old. So, it must be aged some 230 years. When you prune a tree like on the marketplace, it will, in urban surroundings, live not even 200 years. But when you let it grow to its liking, you can see that it lives much longer. The gardeners of our city take care of it very watchfully to maintain it alive for a long time. Meanwhile, listen to it, it might give you some good feelings.

    Now, turn left to keep going in this street, following the tramway.

    While walking, I hope you resist all the fabulous boutiques and galleries of this street!

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A Stroll Through Carouge: Geneva's Little Italy