• LOCATION 19 | A Stroll Through Carouge: Geneva's Little Italy

    The last cannonball of the Napoleonic wars

    Stop here in front of the little watch shop on your right.

    Take a look across the street.

    Can you see on the first floor of the facade a stone with a hole in it? What does it say?


    Yes, the date of the 28th of June 1815. What happened exactly ten days before?


    The battle of Waterloo which Napoleon lost. This was his final end. Ten days later, a general of Napoleon, Mr. Dussex, still stayed in a house behind this one and the troops were still around. Remember, at that time, we were here in the kingdom of Sardinia and not in France. Geneva was then occupied by the army of the Austrian empire, not to take Geneva, but to hunt Napoleon's army. From there, to chase him, they shot a cannonball at the house of the general behind this one. As you see, the bullet missed its target. But it did not miss its goal: the general left on the next morning with his troops.

    Now it’s a miracle that this façade didn’t collapse. So, it was thought that if we took the ball out, the façade could collapse then. This is why our authorities consolidated the façade with this memorial stone. This was the last cannon shot of all the Napoleonic wars. And it happened in Carouge!

    Now, continue to the corner, then turn right to walk around the restaurant and as far as the big place.

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A Stroll Through Carouge: Geneva's Little Italy