• LOCATION 18 | A Stroll Through Carouge: Geneva's Little Italy

    Rue Saint Joseph

    On your right is the workshop of a marvelous old watchmaker who makes fabulous fantasy clocks. Stop for a moment in front of it.

    If you look into the door, you can see on your right photos of some of his works for big international companies. He also made the clock with the longest pendulum in the world, a little more than 30 meters, some 90 feet. It’s in the Guinness book of records and you can see it in the hotel Cornavin by the main train station in Geneva. And look at the big silvery clock: its hands are suspended in nothing… and yet, check, they show the right time! How does he do this? It’s a mystery! If he is there, he’ll be happy to chat with you… but in French only.

    Across the street, there is a fair-trade shop. Next to it is a fantastic chocolatier who won first prices in many international chocolate competitions. And you know that chocolate pods grow on trees, they are fruits and thus part of the five vegetables and fruits you should eat every day. But be careful, it’s so good, you could get addicted to it. Then there is a sustainable soap manufacturer and further on the street on both sides are many other nice jewelers, fashion boutiques and what have you.

    Let's keep moving.

    Continue as far as the little watch shop on the right side just before the end of the street. I'll meet you there.

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A Stroll Through Carouge: Geneva's Little Italy