• LOCATION 23 | A Stroll Through Carouge: Geneva's Little Italy

    Ernest Piccot

    While walking, I have two lovely anecdotes:

    You have seen that we have so many shops for everything. Around our old town, there are also big shopping centers. So, actually, we have everything here, we don’t have to go to Geneva for shopping. We like Geneva, but we only go there when needed. An ancient photographer from Carouge, Mr. Ernest Piccot, had his studio near the church as of the 1930s. One day in the 1980s we met in the street and he told me: you know what, I have to go to the hospital for tests of my heart. The hospital is just on the other side of the river. I have to cross it. I haven’t crossed the river for nine years!

    And while you continue walking, here another anecdote about him: one day, I asked him since when he was a photographer. He proudly answered: in my family, we are photographers from father to son! He was born in 1914!

    Continue walking on the left side of the street. I'll meet you at the corner of the house opposite the big plane tree. Just be careful not to get knocked over by a tram.

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A Stroll Through Carouge: Geneva's Little Italy