The Royal Mile

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    14 Apr 2015
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    Top of the Royal Mile

    Top of the Royal Mile
    The Royal Mile

    Can you hear me? Aye, I can tell from your face that you can. Ah, it's been over a hundred and fifty years since I last walked in the world of light and life.

    Still, it's sometimes pleasant to talk to those who still do.

    Taking in the sights, are ye? Hmm, well these buildings might interest you. But I’ll wager 10 shillings that you’d be more interested in the goings on, here.

    Aye, that you would... just start walking down the High Street, the Royal Mile to you, and I’ll chum ye along. I bet you’d love to hear about my contribution to the medical college.

    That’s right, the famed academics, `leaders of the world` in their day because of their experiments, the things they learned from cutting up cadavers. The bodies of those departed, to you and me.

    And where did they get them? The plague had been gone from Edinburgh over a hundred years. People were living longer and the college didn’t want old hags riddled with disease, and while they’d still pay for such a corpse... they were prepared to pay a sight more for younger, fresher specimens.

    And before you say `Burke and Hare`, let me tell you something; that’s a whole spot o’ nonsense!

    Those Irish wallopers only managed 3 of their own before they got caught, and the first was an accident.

    If you want to know the truth, then keep those things in your ears and I'll guide you through it. I'll direct you to the spots where the whole grisly thing unfolded as we go along. I might disappear every now and again, but I've got my eye on you, and I'll catch up and I'll tell ye a bit more. You can go ahead and put your `telephone`, or whatever that thing is, away in your pocket. Just be sure to keep listening and old Sam will keep you right.

    Right, let’s get to Deacon Brodies pub on the left and I’ll tell you all about it.

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